The Techy Girl Library Is the Monthly Tech Support Your Website Needs

Are you a blogger or female entrepreneur who needs help with the techy stuff on your website?

In addition to a 1-hour live session (via Zoom) with the Techy Girl, you will gain instant access to over 100 guides, videos, worksheets, tips, and more on everything you want to know about your website.

Want to learn about SEO?

Want to know how to use WordPress?

Want to know how to use Google Analytics?

Want help setting up Google Webmaster?

Want to know what Google Webmaster is?


Why can't I just learn this stuff on my own?

You can!

But is that the best use of your time? Even after spending several hours on Google or

taking part in every course you discover, you still may not understand how to apply it to

YOUR website.

That’s where the magic happens! Techy magic!

During our monthly tech sessions, we will be focusing on YOUR website. YOUR

questions. YOUR needs!

Why can't I just pay someone to do everything for me?

Of course, you can just pay someone to do it for you. The problem with this option is that you still won’t know what they’ve done or why. You could end up paying a lot of money for a simple fix. You could end up in a situation in which your website developer seemingly disappears. Then what do you do?

Plus, it can be so frustrating when they need information and you're not sure what they are looking for. Sometime you don’t even know what questions to ask.

The Techy Girl Library is your answer

Each month we will spend 1-hour together, working on your website in real-time. I record each session so you can go back and re-watch them to aid your understanding.

You will also have 24/7 access to

  • Our private Facebook group which consists of an amazing group of bloggers and website owners like you
  • How-to-videos (5 minutes long) showing you step-by-step things like:
    • How to set up your website
    • Facebook ads, groups, pages, posting, and getting more traffic to your website
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Creating a sales funnel
    • Guides
    • Worksheets
    • How to work from home
    • Creating a zen business mindset

I promise You will Get More Traffic To Your Website

Stephanie LaTorre

The Techy Girl

I’m the techy girl. I left the corporate world to run a business from home so I could enjoy life, travel, and spend more time with my family.

I am a 2016 Classy Career Girl Award Recipient, 2008 Business Woman of the Year Award Recipient, I am Google Certified, I have a degree in Business Administration, and a Master Certificate in Management.

I started learning digital marketing 8 years ago. I enjoyed my work so much I started doing it part time. In 2013, I made the big plunge and went full time. Now I have a career I enjoy working from home. In this time I have become a WordPress expert and worked on over 500 WordPress websites! I can help you get on page 1 of Google and increase your traffic like I have for all of my clients!

"From invisible, to SECOND on Google search! Isn’t it awesome? I wouldn’t have done it without the Techy Girl’s Roadmap. I now know what funnels mean (other than the obvious meaning), trip wire (I’ve just launched my first one!) And I even managed to set up a pay pal button! Imagine that! Me, an ordinary writer! This is all because of Techy Girl’s patience in teaching me all the techy stuff, and her guidance in helping me to create a schedule that I can keep up with, without feeling overwhelmed, or having blogger’s burnout."

There are so many programs, why choose this one?

We’re different because we explain the tech. We don’t just tell you to post on Twitter, we tell you how the hashtags work and how to use them to your advantage.

We tell you what to include in your website AND what not to include AND most importantly why (or why not)!

Monthly Q&A’s with moi, workbooks and videos to explain all the different parts of digital marketing

A Facebook group to interact with others just like you.

Plus, each week there will be new guides and tech tips for you!

Stephanie your website review has helped me so much! I am a complete technophobe and very much a beginner in the blogging game, but your advice was clear and easy to understand. I would still be stumbling around with some big glaring issues on my blog only for your expert guidance. A big thank you from me!

The Techy Girl Code

If you are not satisfied you can cancel your membership at anytime. We believe learning is a process. We believe family comes first. We believe most of your time should be spent with family. We believe in working in pjs. We believe many things can be accomplished in a day. We believe life is more then work. We’re tired of hearing the idea that you need to do everything yesterday!  And follow this cookie cutter template and you will get 500% increase on everything.

STOP worrying about what others are doing.  Use that as a model to learn off. Teach yourself and come up with some great strategies.  Yes the numbers are important but so is the experience you are getting from doing the activities.

STOP trying to get others to do things when you can do them yourself.

START learning the tech side of running a business online

I am so happy I took this course! I was stuck and not sure how to move forward but Stephanie was extremely encouraging. Her instructions were very simple and clear. I like how the course is broken down into smaller steps, so that I never felt overwhelmed. This course gave me a strong foundation and the confidence and knowledge to keep moving forward! I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to start a blog or online business but is new to creating websites and blogging.

Get the help you need for your website

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